The number of people hospitalized with a coronavirus infection in Riverside County rose by another eight people to 141, according to the latest state data out Saturday.

Of those patients, 23 were being treated in intensive care, up from 12 on Friday.

Some COVID-positive patients likely entered the hospital for other reasons before testing positive for the virus.

On Friday, a comparison of Riverside University Health System data over the previous seven days showed that COVID-19 hospitalizations countywide had increased from 105 to 133, with 12 patients in the ICU — the same as on June 17.

County Department of Public Health figures released this week showed that among those hospitalized with a COVID diagnosis during the first half of June, one in three patients had been fully vaccinated with a SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic. The figures were the same for the month of May.

Officials said the aggregate number of COVID cases recorded since the public health documentation period began in March 2020 is 632,400.

RUHS said that in the past 27 months, a total 6,549 deaths from virus-related complications have been recorded, unchanged from a week ago. Most victims had at least one underlying health condition.

The number of known active virus cases in the county, based on available data, is 4,823, compared to 5,024 the previous week. The active count is derived by subtracting deaths and recoveries from the current total — 632,400 — according to the county Executive Office. Verified patient recoveries countywide are now 621,028.

The RUHS does not report COVID data on weekends.

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