A 54-year-old Riverside man who instructed his girlfriend to perform sex acts on her 3-year-old relative so he could add to his stash of child pornography was sentenced Friday to 21 years to life behind bars.

Jorge Eduardo Montoy was convicted in May of three counts of lewd acts on a minor.

Riverside County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Prevost imposed the sentence required by law.

Since 2015, Montoy has been serving a 20-year federal prison term following a prior conviction related to the same offenses. In the federal case, the defendant was convicted of receipt of child porn, possession of child porn and abetting the sexual exploitation of a minor.

The state sentence will be added onto the prior one, and he was expected to continue serving the time in a federal lockup.

His ex-girlfriend, 48-year-old Christine Diane Foster of Riverside, pleaded guilty in 2018 to four counts of lewd acts on a child. She testified for the prosecution in Montoy’s trial and is slated to be sentenced Monday. The proposed term of imprisonment for her was not disclosed in court documents.

According to the prosecution, Montoy and Foster were in a dating relationship in 2012 and 2013, and during that time, he made his preference for child porn known, advising her that he wanted explicit pictures of her 3-year-old step-granddaughter, identified in documents only as “A.M.”

In a trial brief filed by the District Attorney’s Office, prosecutors described how Montoy directed that “certain things be done to the child,” using “specific poses” and methods to gratify him.

The brief stated that Foster complied, taking photos of her digitally penetrating the little girl and having the victim assume positions on a bed or couch with all of her privates exposed.

After receiving the images, Montoy replied, “Damn ur awesome” and “Love ur presents. Muah,” according to court papers.

Montoy’s frequent internet searches fishing for child porn, as well as sharing it via a subscriber list, ultimately led to him to come under federal and local investigation.

He was arrested in 2014, culminating in the federal trial.

According to the brief, investigators seized from Montoy’s computers 12,752 still images and 319 videos of children being molested, raped, sodomized and suffering other abuse at the hands of unknown parties.

“The images included infants … toddlers and prepubescent children,” court papers said, adding that, in some instances, the victims were “bound by ropes and engaging in sex acts with dogs.”

During an interview with law enforcement officers after he was taken into custody, the defendant admitted that he possessed “stuff you shouldn’t be looking at,” according to the brief.

Neither Montoy or Foster had prior felony convictions.

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