The number of people hospitalized with a coronavirus infection in Riverside County declined again this week, with no change in the number of virus-positive patients under intensive care, according to the Riverside University Health System.

A week-to-week comparison of data showed that COVID-19 hospitalizations countywide totaled 62, down from 74 previously, with 11 patients in the ICU — unchanged in the last seven days.

One month ago, 116 people were hospitalized throughout the county with a COVID infection, 11 of whom were ICU patients.

According to the agency, the total number of deaths from likely virus-related complications over the last 30 months stands at 6,567. The figure was 6,543 last week, after being revised down 1% as a result of a data reassessment by the California Department of Public Health.

RUHS released preliminary data showing that, among those who died while hospitalized with a COVID diagnosis in September, 100% were fully vaccinated with a SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic. However, health officials stressed that the data is provisional and subject to revision. It could be another three to four weeks before a more accurate figure is published.

RUHS revised its August data, which had previously estimated 40% of those who died while hospitalized with a COVID diagnosis during the month were fully vaccinated. The updated figure released earlier this week indicated it was closer to 20%.

The deaths weren’t classified as stemming directly from an infection, co-morbidities, or possible adverse reactions to the vaccines.

Health officials said the aggregate number of COVID cases recorded since the public health documentation period began in March 2020 is 695,315.

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