Riverside County will receive roughly $93,000 from the liquor store chain BevMo! under a civil court settlement stemming from an investigation that revealed outlets in the county and other California locations sold items at prices higher than advertised, it was announced Tuesday.

Along with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, D.A.’s office in San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Clara counties were involved in suing the chain.

The case was filed in San Diego County Superior Court, and the settlement, which resulted in an aggregate $347,034 payout, was signed last week by a judge there. BevMo! did not make any admissions under the final agreement.

According to the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, inspections conducted over the last several years in 11 counties statewide documented scanner overcharges at BevMo! checkout counters.

“The investigation revealed repeated instances of mispriced items on shelves, as well as failure to charge the advertised price,” according to an agency statement.

The settlement judgment stipulates that BevMo! permanently end the practices and implement a price accuracy program.

The company is further required to refund amounts that customers were overcharged, using the chain’s loyalty points program.

Officials said the affected customers will not be required to seek reimbursement; the amounts will be automatically applied as credits in the future.

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