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How hot is it? It was so hot that…

Los Angeles was one degree hotter than Palm Springs Thursday afternoon, which is above normal for Southland November weather. The blazing heat won’t last for long though, as a cooling trend is expected to takeover Friday, forecasters said.

Thursday reached a high of 87 degrees Fahrenheit in downtown L.A. and 88 in Burbank. Friday’s highs will be sharply lower — 77 downtown, 82 in Burbank — but still generally 2-4 degrees above the norm, said National Weather Service meteorologist Todd Hall.

The high temperatures are the result of high pressure moving in after the recent rains, which is a typical pattern, forecasters said. Santa Ana winds are also contributing to the warm weather, but they’ll begin giving way to onshore winds late Friday, Hall said.

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The wind and high temperatures are creating an elevated danger of wildfire, according to forecasters, but no fire watch advisories or red flag warnings are now in effect. Because of recent rains, the vegetation is more moist and less combustible then it has been, they said.

Along the Los Angeles County coast, a beach hazard statement, which is slightly less serious than a high surf advisory, will be in effect from tonight until Friday night, with forecasters expecting surf of 3-6 feet accompanied by strong rip currents, an NWS statement said. Along the Orange County Coast, the beach hazard statement will be in effect from Friday morning through Monday afternoon.

Swimmers caught in a rip current are advised to swim parallel to shore until able to break free.

Friday’s temperatures will be up to 10 degrees lower in some communities, then stay the same or fall only marginally on Saturday.

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