After a delay of nearly two hours and 45 minutes, a Palmdale-bound Metrolink train that struck an unoccupied vehicle on the tracks in the Santa Clarita area, stranding 113 passengers, resumed service, an official with the rail service said Wednesday morning.

The crash involving Train 285 on the Antelope Valley Line was reported about 6:40 p.m. Tuesday and service resumed about 9:25 p.m., according to Metrolink.

There were no injuries reported to anyone aboard the train, which came to a stop between the Via Princessa and Vincent Grade/Acton stations, a Metrolink spokesman said.

The impact damaged the train’s locomotive, making it at least temporarily inoperable, and leaving the passengers stuck on board in an area not conducive to detraining, according to Metrolink. It was unclear if another locomotive was brought in to allow the train to continue to its destination.

Following trains were also forced to stop at stations in the Santa Clarita area.

It was unclear how the vehicle ended up on the tracks in an area the Metrolink spokesman said was not near a crossing.

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