The fire danger level across the Angeles National Forest was lowered Tuesday from “Very High” to “High,” clearing the way for campers and picnickers to build campfires and use stove fires within designated recreation sites once again.

Just over a week ago, the fire level had been lowered from “Extreme” to “Very High,” but restrictions had remained in place on the use of campfires, camp stoves and barbecues throughout the forest.

“We are glad to allow campers and picnickers the ability to build campfires in our developed recreation sites,” said Angeles Fire Chief Robert Garcia. “We also look forward to the opportunity for reducing hazardous fuels through the use of prescribed fire on the Angeles National Forest.”

The restrictions are reevaluated as moisture levels increase through further precipitation.

“This additional rain will allow the much-needed fuel moisture recovery in our forest fuels. It takes time for the vegetation to begin taking in this precipitation and as such we will start to see these moistures in the vegetation return to above critically dry levels,” Garcia said.

The newly signed forest order will once again allow forest visitors to use campfires and stove fires within designated campgrounds and picnic areas, where steel fire rings and stoves are provided. People with a valid California Campfire Permit may use a portable lantern or stove using jellied petroleum, or pressurized liquid fuel outside developed areas.

View the forest order and the full list of fire restrictions are

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