The city of Riverside dropped in rankings of public parks throughout the United States, while other municipalities in Southern California edged higher, according to survey results released Wednesday.

The Trust for Public Land’s annual ParkScore Index showed Riverside dropping four spots, from 57th to 61st, among 100 large cities listed in the survey.

According to the nonprofit, while Riverside stood out for median park size — 10.5 acres — as well as for having plenty of water features, the city was marked down because only 51% of residents could access parks via a 10-minute walk.

Irvine ranked sixth nationally, while Long Beach was at No. 18 and Los Angeles at No. 55. All three improved over last year’s rankings, according to the survey.

The ParkScore rankings factored in pedestrian access to parks, acreage, municipal investment and amenities in order to rate a city.

Washington, D.C., scored the No. 1 spot on the survey, edging out St. Paul, Minnesota, followed by neighboring Minneapolis at No. 3, Arlington, Virginia, at No. 4 and Portland, Oregon, at No. 5.

The complete survey is available at

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