The Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department Wednesday unveiled a “Text RSO” feature to help tenants determine whether a property is subject to the city’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

The ordinance is designed to protect tenants from excessive rent increases, while at the same time allowing landlords to increase rent each year by a fair amount. In addition to allowable rent increases, the RSO addresses legal reasons for eviction, types of evictions requiring payment of tenant relocation assistance, and disclosure notices for tenant buyout agreements.

Rental units may be subject to the RSO if the property was built on or before Oct. 1, 1978. Units constructed after July 15, 2007, that replace demolished RSO rental units may also be covered, along with mobile homes and recreational vehicles in mobile home parks.

The text feature is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish and Korean. To make a query on a property within the city limits, text “RSO” to 1-855-880-7368.

The reply will provide language options to the texter, who will then be asked to provide the street address and zip code of the property. The system follows with a quick yes or no confirmation, and the text that follows confirms whether the property is RSO-designated. The texter is also provided HCIDLA contact information for further inquiries about the specific property.

More information about HCIDLA programs and services can be found on the HCIDLA website at

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