The marina and surrounding facilities at the Lake Perris State Recreation Area will be demolished to make room for improvements, requiring a closure of the marina, California State Parks officials announced Wednesday.

The shutdown is scheduled for March 1, immediately after the Rocky Mountain Recreation Co., which currently manages the marina concession area, ceases operations.

Rocky Mountain has been overseeing the site, which includes a store and restaurant, on a month-to-month contract, but parks administrators have been seeking a different vendor willing to invest in a series of upgrades.

According to California State Parks, an earlier request for proposal that sought to attract new business went nowhere.

The agency is initiating renovations to the marina and other weatherbeaten structures for public safety and to make the site more attractive. Once modifications are finished, State Parks will seek a new vendor to manage the marina facilities.

State Parks officials noted that recreational activities, including camping and boating, will not be stopped because of the renovation work.

The Lake Perris State Recreation Area, located just east of Moreno Valley, comprises roughly 8,800 acres, about one-fifth of which is water, while other space is available for horseback riding, hiking, biking, camping and related outdoor activities.

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