Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin announced Wednesday that gender and ethnicity data has been added to the Payroll Explorer website, which allows the public to search current and historical pay and benefits information for city employees.

“As controller and paymaster for the city of Los Angeles, it is my job to ensure that city employees get paid, but I have also pushed to bring greater transparency to public salaries so that taxpayers understand where their money is going,” Galperin said. “This is why I created Payroll Explorer and why I’ve worked hard to improve it year after year. Shining a light on spending also helps inform city residents and leaders about existing inequities in the workforce and encourages greater government accountability.”

Galperin’s office has continued to update the website since it was launched in 2013 as part of Control Panel L.A. — the city’s Open Data portal. In 2019, employee health care and pension costs were added.

On Wednesday, Galperin also released a summary and highlights of information that can be found on the portal.

According to his office, the city spent a total of $6.86 billion to pay its employees during the 2020 calendar year, including $5 billion in regular pay, $713 million in overtime and $755 million in benefits.

Payroll so far in 2021 is $800 million.

The city’s 20 highest paid employees all work within the Los Angeles Fire Department or the Port of Los Angeles. Nine Los Angeles employees, who work within the fire department or the port, earned $500,000 or more in 2020.

The highest paid employee for the whole year was a fire captain who earned $161,000 in base pay and more than $400,000 in overtime for a total of $585,000.

More data on city employees can be found at lacity.payroll.finance.socrata.com/#!/year/2021/.

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