A former server for Polly’s Pies Inc. is suing the restaurant chain, alleging she was not paid for all hours worked, including overtime and missed meal and rest breaks, and that she was sometimes told to do tasks off the clock.

Heather Scott’s proposed class-action lawsuit was filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court and alleges a number of state Labor Code violations. The proposed class includes all hourly-paid Polly’s employees who worked for the company four years prior to the filing of the suit.

A Polly’s representative could not be immediately reached.

Scott worked for Polly’s from September 1999 to last March 17, but the suit does not state at which restaurants she was employed. She maintains she was not paid for all overtime worked, that she was not provided all uninterrupted rest breaks for which she was entitled and that the company did not keep accurate records of the hours she worked.

Scott also was not timely paid her final wages when she left Polly’s, according to the suit.

Scott sometimes was assigned tasks before her work day began when the restaurant was busy, and at other times she had to work after she was officially off duty, doing things like cutting lemons and putting silverware in napklins, the suit states.

“The violations led (the class) to believe that they were not entitled to be paid minimum wages, overtime wages, meal period premium wages and rest period premium wages to which they were entitled,” the suit alleges.

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