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A now-imprisoned former doctor, whose father is a former premier of Bermuda, used his position of trust to sexually abuse a professional model when she sought help for routine feminine medical issues, an attorney told a civil jury Tuesday.

In his opening statement in the Los Angeles Superior Court trial of Myesha Daniels’ lawsuit against Dr. Kevin Brown and Crenshaw Expo Medical Center, lawyer Brian Dunn said his client was inappropriately touched during separate visits to Brown’s office in August 2007 and April 2008.

During the initial visit, Brown stared into Daniels’ eyes as he went about his examination to see what was causing her menstrual problems, Dunn said.

“Ms. Daniels began to feel uncomfortable … and that something was wrong,” Dunn said.

But lawyer Don Fesler, representing the medical center and the son of former Bermuda Premier Ewart Brown, said Daniels actually made her final visit to the physician’s office to get a medical excuse so she could take time off to audition for Flavor Flav’s reality show, “Flavor of Love.”

He said Brown was a board-certified physician who received his medical education at Howard University and completed his residency at King Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Brown was convicted in August 2011 of 21 charges related to sexual assaults on nearly a dozen patients, including a 15-year-old and an undercover Los Angeles police officer. When he was sentenced in December 2011 to 12 1/2 years in prison, Deputy District Attorney Ann Marie Wise described Brown’s office as “his personal playground” where anyone who entered was “his prey.”

According to Dunn, Daniels decided to go to Brown’s office because it was conveniently close to her job. A chaperone present with Brown and Daniels during her first visit was looking away when the first visit examination began, Dunn said.

“Dr. Brown did a little more than what was required for that exam,” Dunn said.

After Brown began staring at her, Daniels began to feel even more uneasy, the attorney said.

“She felt tense, she felt uncomfortable, she felt as if something was going wrong,” Dunn told jurors.

Daniels left Brown’s office “confused and concerned, wondering if she had been violated,” Dunn said.

Seven months later, Daniels returned to Brown’s office to have an ear injury treated and there were no problems with the doctor’s conduct, Dunn said. But when she came back for the last time the following month, Brown displayed more questionable behavior, Dunn said.

While inside a consultation room, Brown pulled off Daniels’ shirt and lifted her bra ostensibly so he could examine her breathing, Dunn said.

Physicians are supposed to allow patients to take clothes off their patients and wear gowns while being examined, Dunn said.

“At this point Ms. Daniels knew something was wrong,” he said. “She stormed out of there and never went back.”

Daniels is scheduled to testify Wednesday. A video deposition of the incarcerated Brown, 44, will be played to jurors later in the trial in lieu of his live testimony, Dunn told jurors. Dunn said Brown no longer has a medical license.

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