American Airlines Boeing 767. Courtesy photo
Note: this is not the aircraft that experienced an emergency landing. American Airlines Boeing 767. Courtesy photo

An American Airlines flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles made an emergency landing Tuesday in Dallas after developing a mechanical problem.

The nature of the mechanical problem wasn’t released, although a passenger posted a message on Twitter saying the plane had “hydraulics failure” and the passengers were told to “brace for impact.”

The flight left Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport around 9:30 a.m. California time.

The pilot landed the Airbus A319 aircraft safely at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and the plane was towed to a terminal gate.

There were no reports of any injuries. According to NBC in Dallas, the passengers were being placed on another plane and were expected to arrive in Los Angeles shortly after 5 p.m.

The plane had 127 passengers and five crew members aboard, according to the CBS affiliate in Dallas.

— Wire reports

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