Basketball Hall of Fame guard Gary Payton testified Friday that he never assaulted a woman he was dating in 2015, saying he merely brushed her hands aside when she tried to lower the volume of the radio in the SUV in which they were riding, which he had turned up to dissuade her from talking to him.

“I kept slapping her hands away, like this is childish,” Payton said of plaintiff Trishtan Williams. “It went on for a while before I got tired of it.”

Payton, 48, also denied Williams’ accusations that he lifted her up and choked her later in a room at the W Seattle hotel. Asked by his attorney, John Burris, if he at any time punched or choked Williams, Payton replied, “No, I did not.”

Payton was testifying on his own behalf for a second consecutive day in Los Angeles Superior Court, where a trial of a civil suit filed against him by Williams is being heard. He said her constant complaining about his loyalty led to arguments between the pair in the hours after they attended an awards ceremony in Seattle in late January 2015, where he was a presenter.

Payton said he was unhappy that Williams, now 30, posted a picture of herself on Instagram during the show that alerted another of his female friends that Williams was in Washington with him.

Williams, whose allegations include assault and battery, testified she quickly fell in love with Payton, but that she later suspected him of cheating on her. She says that when confronted in Seattle, he became abusive, forcing her to end their relationship.

Lawyers for Payton deny their client assaulted her and contend Williams was a younger woman who wanted to exploit a wealthy older man.

Williams said she and Payton often traveled together after meeting in July 2014, including the flight to Seattle. Payton had his best NBA years as a member of the Seattle SuperSonics and is still well-known there.

Williams said that after the ceremony, she, Payton and a Fox co-worker of the former player, Yvette Inclan, spent three to four hours at Ozzie’s bar, where Payton met with friends who played darts with him.

In his testimony, Payton said he also had a dispute with Inclan, who complained that her boyfriend had cheated on her and referred to men as “dogs and pigs” who victimize women with their infidelity.

“I’m not married to nobody, I can date as many people as I want,” Payton said he told Inclan.

Payton, who divorced his wife of 14 years several years ago, said the friction between him and Williams escalated when the other woman he was dating confronted him via a text about the selfie of Williams, which included a shot of Payton in the background.

“I didn’t have any reaction because I was caught,” Payton said. “I was going to have drama from her.”

Payton said he and Williams argued in the SUV and at the hotel, but that he never harmed her. He said he was having unprotected sex in his relationship with Williams, but protected sex with the other woman.

Payton also said that he may be the best defensive guard to play in the NBA. He said that like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, he is considered a “legend” as well as a role model for children, many of whom he has mentored over the years in basketball camps.

“I know they’re looking up to me,” Payton said of his young fans.

Burris showed jurors copies of text messages exchanged between Payton and Williams on the flight to Seattle, some of them sexually explicit. Burris also displayed additional friendly texts between the pair in the days after the Seattle visit.

The 6-feet-4-inch Payton was nicknamed “the Glove” because of his defensive abilities.

He won his only NBA championship as a member of the Miami Heat in the 2005-06 season. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in September 2013.

Williams is a former producer for “The Amazing Race” and “America’s Next Top Model,” according to IMDb.

— City News Service

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