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Two teenage boys were injured when illegal fireworks went off in their hands as they were lighting the items at an Arcadia park.

The tragedy that may have maimed the teens sparked recollections of warnings from officials and parents against the misuse of fireworks and the dangers that the apparently harmless items can cause.

The possible explosion was reported about 8:05 p.m. Friday at Bonita Park, said Arcadia Police Sgt. Dan Crowther.

A 14-year-old boy received severe injuries to one of his hands and a 17- year-old boy received minor injuries to an arm and his chest when the fireworks went off in their hands, Crowther said.

Both were taken to hospitals and appeared to have non life-threatening injuries, Crowther said.

“At the time of the initial investigation it appears the only criminal activity related to this incident was the prohibited use of fireworks,” Crowther said.

— City News Service

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