Media mogul Sumner Redstone’s daughter and one of her father’s former live-in companions settled the latter’s lawsuit, which alleged the billionaire’s offspring secretly taped some of the plaintiff’s private conversations.

Lawyers for Sydney Holland filed court papers Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court asking that her claims against Shari Redstone be dismissed. No settlement terms were divulged.

In her action filed in December 2016, Holland alleged Shari Redstone directed a network of spies, including nurse Jeremy Jagiello, in an attempt to oust the plaintiff and another of her father’s former live-in companions, Manuela Herzer, from his mansion in 2015 so his daughter could take control of his media empire.

Holland alleged Shari Redstone violated her privacy and induced a breach of contract because the media mogul had previously agreed to provide financial support to Holland and her daughter for the rest of their lives.

Holland maintained she learned through emails and text messages written by Shari Redstone’s son, Tyler Korff, that he and his mother received “regular reports and surreptitious reports from staff members and used them to oust Holland from Sumner Redstone’s life and invalidate her support agreement.”

Holland’s cross-complaint against Shari Redstone was filed after Sumner Redstone sued both Holland and Herzer in October 2016. The suit sought to reclaim $150 million in gifts he had given them and alleges both women manipulated and emotionally abused Redstone to get what they wanted, including jewelry, designer clothing, real estate and cash. Holland was dismissed as a defendant as part of the settlement.

Holland dated Redstone for five years. Herzer remains a party in the litigation.

Redstone, now 95, was executive chairman of both Viacom and CBS Corp. until stepping down in February 2016.

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