The man who allegedly attacked and stabbed nine people in Boise, Idaho, at a child’s birthday party is a Los Angeles resident named Timmy Kinner, 30, police in Idaho said Sunday.

“It’s a single evil individual who attacked people with no provocation that we are aware of,” said Boise Police Chief William Bones at an afternoon news conference in the Idaho city.

There were no immediate reports of Kinner’s history in Los Angeles. He has been charged with nine counts of aggravated battery and six counts of injury to a child, according to Bones.

Four of the victims have life threatening-injuries, including six kids between 3 and 12-years-old, Bones told reporters.

The victims were refugees from Syria, Iraq and Ethiopia, Bones said.

Kinner was not a refugee. The motive for the attack appears to be revenge for Kinner being kicked out of an Idaho apartment complex, authorities said.

Kinner had been a temporary resident of the apartment complex and was asked to leave on Friday, Bones told reporters.

“As you can imagine, the witnesses in the apartment complex along with the rest of our community are reeling from this attack,” Bones told reporters.

The massive law enforcement response to the scene included Idaho State Police, Boise police, and other agencies.

The police chief said Sunday that arriving officers found a “chaotic and tragic area in which nine members of our community had been stabbed and lay injured.

“People were scattered throughout the apartment complex,” he said.

Kinner gave up without a struggle, “immediately yielding to the officers,” the chief told reporters in Idaho.

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