A resource officer at West Valley High School in Hemet was attacked when he tried to break up a fight Wednesday, resulting in the arrest of five students.

The fight broke out among several students about 1:15 p.m., according to Hemet police Lt. Eric Dickson.

The officer and school staff attempted to break up the fight and in doing so the officer “saw one student preparing to assault another and grabbed her arm, telling her to stop,” Dickson said.

“The student began yelling at the officer and pulling away from him,” Dickson said. “The officer and the student fell to the ground and another student ran up and began kicking and punching the officer in the back.”

Additional officers were called and within minutes they arrived and began dispersing the crowd, Dickson said.

“Ultimately, four juvenile students and one adult student were arrested for a variety of charges including assaulting a school staff, assaulting a police officer, resident arrest and resisting arrest by threat or violence,” Dickson said.

The juveniles were taken to juvenile hall and the adult to the Riverside County Jail, Dickson said.

No significant injuries were reported.

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