DUI arrests were down in the Coachella Valley over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend compared to the previous year, as were the number of injury crashes, according to statistics released Thursday by the California Highway Patrol.

From 6 p.m. last Wednesday until just before midnight Monday, the CHP’s Indio office responded to 20 crashes, with six of those involving injuries, compared to 25 crashes — four involving injuries — in the same period last year.

Officers arrested 13 motorists for driving under the influence this year, compared to 15 DUI arrests last year. However, one of the 20 crashes this year was DUI-related, while no DUI-related crashes were recorded over the 2017 Thanksgiving weekend.

The statistics also showed that there hasn’t been a fatality crash in the region during the Thanksgiving holiday season since 2016.

Each Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the CHP conducts a Maximum Enforcement Period, during which all available officers are on patrol and on the lookout for drunken or drug-impaired drivers and other traffic violators. The Indio office attributed the decrease in collisions to “aggressive enforcement by many Indio CHP officers. We are dedicated to preventing collisions, injuries and fatalities.”

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