Two Los Angeles men face lengthy federal prison sentences Monday for carrying out a string of mostly small-scale robberies attributed to the “Cowboy Gun Bandits” — so named because of a distinctive long-barreled Colt six-shooter used in the heists.

Dominic Dorsey, 51, of Hollywood, and Reginald Bailey, 74, of the Jefferson Park district of Los Angeles were convicted at trial three years ago of 11 felony robbery and firearms counts.

Evidence presented to the jury in Los Angeles federal court proved Dorsey and Bailey were guilty of eight armed robberies. The Colt 1873 revolver that gave the case its name was never recovered.

Many of the winter 2013 hold-ups at filling stations in Woodland Hills, Newhall, Encino, Thousand Oaks, and Atwater Village, and a Citibank branch in Glendale, were captured by video surveillance, which allowed investigators to determine that one of the masked robbers was missing part of his ring finger on his left hand. That evidence helped lead authorities to Bailey.

In one instance, prior to the Encino heist, Dorsey’s face and distinctive sneakers can be seen on video as he bought and pumped gas — before he returned to rob the filling station wearing the same shoes and driving a similar car, evidence showed.

In sentencing papers, the government asked U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder to impose an additional 14 years to Dorsey’s mandatory sentence for a total federal prison term of 49 years. The defense argued against the extra years.

Prosecutors are recommending a 44-year term for Bailey, while his attorney is expected to argue for a sentence of no more than about nine years behind bars.

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