A 27-year-old Irvine man accused of generating “kill lists” of prominent Jewish community members pleaded guilty Friday to misdemeanor hate crimes in a deal that will get him out of jail and into a mental health institution.

Nicholas W. Rose pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor counts of hate crimes and unlawful possession of a gun not registered to him, which is not related to the hate crime case, his attorney, Brian Gurwitz said.

Rose was given credit for serving 825 days in jail, completing that part of his sentence, and will be placed in a private mental health facility by his parents as part of the plea deal, Gurwitz said. Rose will be on five years of formal probation and will be subject to GPS monitoring, the defense attorney added.

Rose is also prohibited from contacting any of the congregations he was accused of threatening, Gurwitz said.

“The plea today makes clear that he never attempted to hurt or let alone kill a single person,” Gurwitz said.

The alleged “kill lists” were the product of the “disorganized thoughts of a young man suffering from serious mental illness,” Gurwitz said.

Rose, a former teacher, was arrested in Orange in April of last year.

Rose told a family member he intended to kill some Jewish people.

“Fortunately, the family member contacted the Orange Police Department, and our detectives took those threats serious,” Orange police said in a statement.

When Rose was arrested, police said he had ammunition, anti-Semitic literature, “kill lists” of prominent Jewish community members and a list of steps titled “Killing My First Jew.”

Rose also is accused of being in possession of papers referencing a church and a synagogue in Irvine and a church in Lake Forest.

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