Dozens of counter protesters demonstrated Friday afternoon against a group of Trump supporters who have been rallying on recent Fridays in Tujunga, and law enforcement deployed “less-lethal options” to disperse the crowd after a clash.

Activists with Against Bigotry Responding With Action, organized the 4 p.m. counter protests in the 6200 block of Foothill Boulevard, near Lowell Avenue, where Trump supporters had been demonstrating weekly. In a video on Twitter of a previous rally at the location, a far-right demonstrator is seen doing a Nazi salute at a counter protester.

On Friday, Trump supporters chanted “Four More Years,” and one group had a large float that read “Trump Unity,” while counter protesters held signs that read “Black Lives Matter” and “White Silence is Violence.”

The Los Angeles Police Department set up a skirmish line to separate the groups and deployed “less-lethal options,” which ABC7 reported was rubber bullets, at counter protesters, according to Officer Mike Chan of the LAPD.

“There was a clash, I don’t know the extent of the violence, but there was a clash,” Chan said.

Counter protesters allegedly threw bottles at Trump supporters, and officers deployed the less-lethal options in response, Chan said.

Footage from the scene also showed smoke bombs being hurled between the two sides.

An unlawful assembly was declared by 6 p.m., according to ABC7, but the crowd did not immediately disperse. Protesters on both sides began clearing the scene about an hour later, ABC7 reported.

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