Police Sunday said a 39-year-old man was cited and later released in connection with a demonstration in Beverly Hills that included supporters of President Donald Trump and Black Lives Matters protesters.

The man was identified as Benjamin Patino of Los Angeles, who was cited and released sometime Saturday night, said Lt. Max Subin of the Beverly Hills Police Department.

Supporters of Trump and Black Lives Matter engaged in minor skirmishes Saturday afternoon.

News footage showed men cloaked in American flags chanting, as well as BHPD officers in gas masks, carrying nonlethal weapons, with people carrying “Q” and “SAVE THE CHILDREN” signs in the background.

Those refer to conspiracy theories tied to the QAnon movement, which alleges a widespread child trafficking scheme involving high-level officials and celebrities.

BHPD Lt. Gene Kim said the protest started around 2 p.m. near Beverly Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard, attracting a few hundred people.

Patino was arrested in the late afternoon, he said.

Police deemed the event an “unlawful assembly” at around 6 p.m.

“Generally it’s for safety reasons,” Kim said, explaining why some gatherings are designated illegal events.

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