A 51-year-old man who was charged in the rape and robbery of a woman in Orange County 27 years ago pleaded guilty to a kidnapping count and was sentenced to eight years to life in prison, court records obtained Wednesday show.

Anthony Eugene Mack pleaded guilty Tuesday to kidnapping to commit robbery.

Mack, who was arrested on New Year’s Day 2019, was accused with another man of making their way into an unlocked vehicle stopped at a red light on May 4, 1993.

Mack and the other unidentified suspect got into the vehicle with Mack behind the wheel and the other man in the passenger seat and drove the victim to another location, where they both raped her, an investigator alleged in a declaration to support probable cause for a protective order sought by the victim, who did not know her attackers.

The knife-wielding Mack threatened the woman while the other man took cash from her, and then they took her car, according to the court document. Investigators said they were able to connect Mack to the crime in 2017 through DNA evidence.

Mack was sentenced to 25 years in prison in September 1996 for possession of cocaine base with the intent to sell.

When sentenced Tuesday, he was given credit for 2,920 days served in custody.

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