Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said Tuesday that the department’s goal is to have all employees who want the COVID-19 vaccine to have both doses by the end of April or beginning of May.

More than 4,571 employees have taken at least one dose of the Moderna vaccine, and 2,473 have received both doses, Moore said. The department’s workforce is a total of about 12,500 people.

Moore said the department hopes 75% of its employees will take the vaccine to help achieve herd immunity.

Employees are being vaccinated Tuesday through Friday, and the department has an education and awareness campaign to tell officers about the importance of the vaccine and how it will help officers protect their family, the public and coworkers.

“I’m happy to report the rate of infection for officers has slowed,” Moore told the Police Commission at Tuesday’s meeting. “Last week to this week, we’ve had an additional 11 officers who have now tested positive, five of those are sworn members of the organization, six are civilians.”

The department has had a total of 2,667 employees test positive for the virus. Moore added that 158 employees are currently at home in isolation, and 2,521 have returned to work.

Moore was vague on when police department divisions will reopen to the public.

“I think on the shortest period is weeks and the longest period is months,” the chief said. He said as standards for city workers to work from home are relaxed and people safely return back to the workplace, divisions will reopen.

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