The daughter and the estate of a Holocaust survivor who died in 2019 at age 102 after suffering injuries in an unusual accident at Los Angeles International Airport while on her way to a White House Hanukkah party are suing the city of Los Angeles and United Airlines Inc.

Lillian Glass and the estate of her late mother, Rosalee Glass, brought the negligence suit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeking unspecified damages. Also named as a defendant is ABM Industries Inc., which the suit states was hired by UA to provide passenger boarding services.

Representatives for the City Attorney’s Office and UA could not be immediately reached for comment.

According to the suit, two ABM Industries employees, Leonardo Arroya and David Cerna, were “transferring Ms. Glass from her personal wheelchair to an aisle chair for boarding the airplane, (when) they dropped her, causing serious injury and ultimately her death” after she and her daughter had returned home from the trip to the White House.

Lillian Glass saw her mother fall and experienced serious emotional distress, the suit states. Lillian Glass wrote on Facebook that her mother’s arm was badly bruised in the fall, but an X-ray showed no broken bones, so the pair stayed overnight at a hotel near LAX and flew to Washington, D.C. the next day.

“We are profoundly honored to be joined this afternoon by Rosalee Glass, a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, the darkest chapter of human history,” then-President Donald Trump said during the party. “After the war, Rosalee came to America and started a drapery manufacturing business. Now she has written a book, starred in an award-winning film, and is going strong at the age of 102.”

The family flew home afterward and went to another doctor, where Rosalee Glass was told she should undergo daily physical therapy, her daughter wrote. She rested for all of the next day and appeared to be have improved, according to her daughter.

“We had fun and laughed all day and I read all of the beautiful comments made about her from our Facebook friends,” Lillian wrote. “She giggled and smiled and was touched. She loved it. We had such a fun time until she woke up from a nap screaming in agonizing pain.”

Lillian Glass wrote that she took her mother to a hospital emergency room, where she died Dec. 14, 2019 — five says after the incident on the plane — of a blood clot to her heart.

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