Riverside Fire Department truck
A Riverside Fire Department truck. Courtesy of the city

Authorities Monday were trying to figure out if a dead man was the victim of foul play or suicide when his body was found hanging by a rope from a famed arched bridge in Riverside.

The body was found about 10:10 a.m. Sunday hanging from a rope on the historical landmark Victoria Bridge located on Victoria Avenue south of Woodbine Street, according to the Riverside Fire Department. The bridge is just west of the Victoria County Club and south of the downtown area of Riverside.

Emergency crews conducted a hoist operation to retrieve the man and discovered he was dead, said Battalion Chief Bruce Vanderhorst in a news release.

The man was not identified, but was described as being in his mid-30s.

The Riverside County coroner’s office was leading the investigation into the death. There was no word on whether foul play was suspected. There was also no word if the man had committed suicide, and if so, what a possible motive may have been.

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