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The Los Angeles Police Department announced Friday that officers will conduct a traffic enforcement operation on the Sixth Street Bridge in the wake of a recent spate of illegal activity.

The operation will be conducted on the bridge Sunday from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., and is intended “to ensure safe passage and movement along the bridge itself,” according to police.

“In order to maintain crowd safety, perimeter control and safe movement of participants, the bridge will be subject to closing and expeditiously reopening,” the LAPD said in a statement Friday.

The bridge was closed Tuesday night “due to illegal activity and public safety concerns,” and marked the fourth time in five nights that police decided to close the $588 million bridge, which opened to the public on July 10 and connects Boyle Heights and the downtown Arts District.

A specific reason for Tuesday’s closure was not provided, but a series of four videos posted to Instagram on Tuesday night showed a large group of bicyclists riding in traffic lanes before police, including a helicopter circling overhead, cleared and closed the bridge, the Los Angeles Times reported.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore told the Police Commission that police hoped to install speed bumps in hopes of deterring the “dangerous speed displays and exhibitions” on the bridge.

A center median and fencing to discourage people from scaling the archways could also be installed on a temporary basis, Moore said.

Police have made more than 57 citations and impounded six vehicles over the past week, Moore said.

“We’re not going to arrest our way out of this,” Moore said. “Despite the hundreds of impounds and citations and arrests, we still see the proliferation of this. So I’m asking for the public’s help and support and assistance.”

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