A 45-year-old transient pleaded guilty Friday and was immediately sentenced to six years in prison for a violent robbery and carjacking in Placentia, but he will be freed because he has served that amount of time behind bars awaiting trial.

Michael Anthony Davis Jr. pleaded guilty to robbery, car theft, carjacking, false imprisonment and battery with serious injury, all felonies. As part of the plea deal he accepted from Orange County Superior Court Judge Scott Steiner, sentencing enhancements for the personal use of a deadly weapon were dismissed.

Davis was originally charged with attempted murder with a sentencing enhancement for attempted premeditated murder, which would have made it a life in prison case, but those felonies were dismissed Oct. 17.

Davis attacked an employee at a self-storage business at 585 Porter Way in Placentia on May 13, 2017, according to court records.

The victim told police someone hit him in the back of the head and he blacked out, according to court records. His wallet, keys and money were stolen.

The victim said when he came to he was tied up, his mouth was taped shut and a plastic bag was put over his head, police said. When he freed himself and called police officers arrived just before 9 p.m. and saw he had dried blood on his face, he was out of breath and walking with a limp, according to court records.

Davis was given credit for 2,380 days in jail, so he will be freed.

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