Photo by Shaylor via Flickr
Photo by Shaylor via Flickr

High school students can now get college application help by visiting FamilySource Centers throughout Los Angeles.

Each of the city’s 16 resource centers will have an area staffed by college students who can help applicants find out about what classes they need to take, where and how to prep for tests and assist in filling out financial aid forms. The “college corners” also offer scholarship listings and college readiness programs.

Mayor Eric Garcetti, who took part in an event Thursday to promote the college corner resource, noted that “understanding college admissions requirements and filling out complicated forms can intimidate even the most motivated people.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way, and our College Corners put resources within reach so that knowledge and access can be turned into achievement,” he said.

College applicants can start submitting financial aid forms earlier than in previous years, with the date moved up to Oct. 1 and paperwork due March 2.

To find a nearby FamilySource Center, visit

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