Elective surgeries have resumed at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center after being halted because of mold contamination in a room used to sterilize surgical equipment, the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services announced Friday.

The medical center had temporarily halted elective surgeries due to low levels of mold detected in the air and ceiling in the area where surgical instruments are sterilized, according to an unsigned statement from the department.

The mold was the result of what the department described as “a minor, localized water leak.” The sterilization room was closed for abatement. The hospital is utilizing alternate sterilizer equipment capacity, located both on campus and in its sister facilities, to maintain services for its patients, according to the department.

Mold has not been discovered anywhere else in the medical center or on any surgical instruments, according to the department.

“Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center Medical Center does sterilization confirmation testing with each batch of instruments to ensure the sterility of all instruments used in the operating room, and continues to ensure and prioritize the safety of patients,” the statement said.

The medical center is expected to soon be at full surgical capacity, the statement said.

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