Those take-out food containers of polystyrene — often called Styrofoam — would be banned in Los Angeles under a motion introduced Friday by two City Council members.

“Heal the Bay’s data has been compelling for me. Polystyrene foam is the third most common source of debris on local beaches. If you simply walk on the beach, you see it everywhere you look,” said Councilman Paul Koretz, who introduced the motion with Councilman Bob Blumenfield.

In addition to take-out containers, the material is used for numerous other manufacturing purposes, including medical devices, red drink cups for beer pong, packing materials and even surfboards.

“Because polystyrene doesn’t biodegrade, it can absorb toxins found in the ocean, which poses a danger to marine species that mistake foam for food,” Koretz said. “The fish and wildlife are the barometer of the health of our larger environment. I’m gravely concerned that the food chain will continue to grow ever more toxic if we don’t exchange our bad habits for better ones.”

SB 705, which would ban the plastic foam containers in all of California, stalled last week, but 108 cities in the state have banned or regulated polystyrene.

“Now more than ever, we in Los Angeles and in California must stand up and fight to protect our environment and ensure that future generations enjoy clean mountains and beaches,” Blumenfield said.

“Polystyrene is dangerous, toxic and is an unnecessary product. It is our duty to protect our environment regardless of what is happening in Washington, D.C. With people like Scott Pruitt running the EPA, reversing decades of environmental progress, it is up to us to make sure that California’s beauty is protected.”

–City News Service

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