Actress Mischa Barton sued her mother Tuesday, alleging the woman stole money from her daughter while acting as her talent manager.

Barton, 29, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging fraud and breach of contract and claiming that Nuala Barton put her own interests ahead of those of her daughter, who co-starred in “The O.C.,” a teen drama series that aired on Fox from 2003-07.

A representative for Nuala Barton could not be immediately reached for comment on the suit, which seeks unspecified damages.

The suit calls the defendant a “greedy stage mother” who “forged documents and has even kicked Barton out of her own home — the home purchased with Barton’s money, but that Nuala has turned into her own ATM.”

Both Nuala Barton and her husband, Paul, “comfortably reside in the $7.8 million Beverly Hills home that was purchased with Barton’s funds while Barton is not welcome at the property,” the suit alleges.

Nuala Barton had no training as a talent manager, the suit states.

“Tragically, Barton placed her utmost trust in Nuala and believed that her mother would look out for her best interests above all else,” the suit says.

City News Service

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