Movie tough guy Mark Ruffalo has a soft spot for clean energy, and this week in New York City he challenged California’s governor to keep up with the Big Apple.

“I just came in from Los Angeles, where I was doing some press, and they think they’ve got something on us concerning renewable energy,” the New York Post’s Page Six quoted him as saying. “They’ve got nothing on us. We are coming for you, Governor [Jerry] Brown.”

He said: “We will be collecting the sun and the wind that falls on us every single day.”

Fellow actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio stood with Ruffalo on Thursday as they promoted a drive toward “100 percent” — making affordable energy from renewable sources available to all.

“This is really mankind’s greatest threat, and it should take some serious problem solving on all of our parts,” Ruffalo said. “And we don’t really have to give up anything to do it.

DiCaprio also appeared before a crowd at a community garden in New York City, saying: “This is a grassroots people’s movement, but the ambition of this movement is absolutely revolutionary. Clean energy grows local economies.”

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