Radio show host Tom Joyner will not be silenced soon — contrary to a British tabloid report that the syndicated talker is being pushed out in time with President Obama’s exit from the White House.

Daily Mail headline on Tom Joyner. Inset photo via Wikimedia Commons
Wednesday morning, the Daily Mail reported:

Legendary syndicated radio host Tom Joyner will soon be signing off the air — but not by choice.

Daily Mail Online can reveal the 65-year-old entertainment veteran is being forced into an early retirement to not only make room for younger talent but also to coincide with the departure of President Barack Obama from the White House.

The plan is being put into place by radio conglomerate Radio One along with his best friend and former business associate David Kantor, sources claim.

“They think going with a younger, fresher show is the way to go and the entire plan has been orchestrated by the man who actually launched Tom into syndication originally,” a source tells Daily Mail Online exclusively.

But The Atlanta Journal-Constitution pushed back:

Joyner … released this statement denying this was the case:

Any stories that suggest major changes to the Tom Joyner Morning Show are inaccurate. Tom Joyner is under contract with Reach Media until the end of 2017. We expect that Reach will continue to syndicate Tom’s show beyond that date and for as long as he would like to be on the air.

There has always been refinements and updates to the show as well as market changes due to local conditions and there may be some in the future; but Tom Joyner and the Tom Joyner Morning show continues to be strong and is a daily Party with a Purpose®. Reach is committed to Tom Joyner for the long term who remains committed to radio, his audience and the future

Tony Kidd, CMG Atlanta Radio programming chief, said he saw the story and called Reach Media immediately. They reassured him that Joyner is not going anywhere anytime soon.

That didn’t stop social media from taking the click-bait.

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