No, you can’t bid on a bag of air from Kobe Bryant’s last game. Despite the appearance over the weekend of bags labeled as that of Staples Center air from Wednesday’s game, the eBay auction is no more.

Kobe Bryant. Photo by Michael Wa via Wikimedia Commons
As Huffington Post reported: “The profiteering no doubt reached its peak this past weekend, when eBay user cardemon_huskers2015 tried to auction off a bag of air from the Mamba’s last matchup. The random Ziploc of oxygen eventually receives bids up to around $15,000, per Sports Illustrated, before eBay got wind of the pseudo-scam and took the listing down.”

Bid of $17,000 also were noted.

In any case, someone wanting to resale the prized air would have a problem with provenance — proof it really came from Bryant’s last game.

It was good while it lasted:

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