Donald Trump has met his match for foot-in-mouth disease. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright in South Carolina is being raked for saying the “most racist people in American right now sometimes are minorities.”

Sheriff Chuck Wright of South Carolina. Image via Twitter
“I feel like that (NAACP) is a racist group, as well as the KKK,” Wright told Republican women this month when asked about the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

But unlike the billionaire businessman, Wright tried to walk back his comments.

In an interview Thursday with the Herald-Journal, Wright said smaller groups of people who claim to be with the NAACP are “sometimes racist.”

“If anybody thinks I don’t like somebody because of their race, yeah, that’s taken way out of context,” Wright said. “It just seems to me that some of the most racist people are minorities. I don’t get into the NAACP or the KKK or any other group of people that doesn’t like somebody because of their color. Christ made us all the same.”

But he stepped in it again by declaring Martin Luther King Jr. was the “only person in history proven to do good stuff without violence.”

It’s not the first time Sheriff Wright has taken heat for remarks:

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