Piers Morgan on Sunday tweeted that “Muhammad Ali said far more inflammatory/racist things about whites than Donald Trump ever has about Muslims.” Much ado resulted.

Piers Morgan. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
So the British journalist and TV personality wrote yet another column explaining himself (after sharing his admiration for the boxing great).

“I posted this after watching a deluge of bile explode at Trump on social media when he paid tribute to Ali following the boxing legend’s death.
Trump and Ali had been friends for decades, and Ali even attended Trump’s 2005 wedding to his current wife, Melania.” Morgan wrote in The Daily Mail.

Then Monday morning, he tweeted: “I love hearing the truth & I loved Ali but a lot of things he said when he was younger were outrageously offensive.”

Many in social media weren’t disputing “the facts,” but took issue with what they deemed the disrespectful timing of the tweets.

This is what set it off:

A taste of the reaction:

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