Jimmy Fallon was called a “shill,” “puppet boy” and “hell’s court jester” after mussing up Donald Trump’s hair Thursday instead of setting it on fire with tough questions.

Jimmy Fallon musses up Donald Trump's hair on the "Tonight" show. Photo via Twitter
Jimmy Fallon musses up Donald Trump’s hair on the “Tonight” show. Photo via Twitter
The “Tonight Show” host “was predictably nonconfrontational and willing to work with whatever Trump gave him,” noted the Huffington Post. “When Trump made a joke about fearing what people might do to his hamburgers if they know it’s him before he orders, Fallon leaned back in his chair and let out a disproportionately large laugh relative to the funniness of the joke. Was it really that funny? No, it was not.”

HuffPo’s Maxwell Strachan added: “Perhaps we shouldn’t expect more from Fallon. As some noted after the interview, he is a comedian, not a journalist. His job first and foremost is to entertain his audience, not to expose the truth…. But at their best, late-night hosts have been able to toe a difficult line between comedy and responsibility. No one did this better than David Letterman, who repeatedly exposed truth while still on the air, as when he noted during an interview with Trump that some of Trump’s clothes were made in China, the country Trump has made his reputation on criticizing. It was entertaining, but it was also important, and Letterman knew how to be both simultaneously.”

Both sides took their swipes at Fallon.

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