Twenty years ago, Rush Limbaugh was deeply fact-checked by comedian Al Franken in the future senator’s book “Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations.” Now the right-wing talker is striking back.

Rush Limbaugh. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
On Wednesday, Limbaugh told his listeners that there “is no fact-checking.”

“The idea that it is a fact-check story is designed to say to you that it is objective and analytically fair, and all it is is a vehicle for them to do opinion journalism under the guise of fairness,” he said. “Which, if you fall for it, gives it even more power, because if you think that the fact-checkers like PolitiFact or Snopes, or whoever else, if you quote them constantly as the Bible, well then you’ve fallen for it.”

Not everyone agreed.

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