Jim Carrey. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Jim Carrey. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Jim Carrey lied when he said in a sworn declaration this week that he did not have any sexually transmitted diseases, a lawyer representing two relatives of the actor’s late girlfriend said Thursday.

Carrey is being sued by Brigid Sweetman, the mother of the late 30-year- old Cathriona White, and the man who was White’s estranged husband, Mark Burton.

The lawsuits allege wrongful death and violation of the Drug Dealer Liability Act. The suits allege the actor contributed to White’s September 2015 suicide by giving her prescription drugs.

In a declaration filed Tuesday, Carrey said he did not have any STDs. But lawyer Mark Avenatti, on behalf of Sweetman and Burton, takes issue with that claim in his own declaration.

“Mr. Jim Carrey and his attorneys have unfortunately taken considerable steps to mislead this court,” Avenatti says. “Indeed, Carrey, in a desperate effort to save his career and false persona, has even gone so far as to submit a knowingly false declaration.”

Avenatti says Carrey tested positive for hepatitis A, herpes I and II and chlamydia in a January 2013 blood test he took under the pseudonym Jose Lopez. The lawyer further alleges that Carrey had unprotected sex with White numerous times, including Valentine’s Day in 2013.

“Instead of giving Ms. White flowers and chocolates, Carrey should have given her his STD test results and the truth, and he should have refrained from sex with her,” Avenatti said.

Carrey “compounded his lies and deceit in the weeks that followed as he continued his coverup,” Avenatti says.

Knowing that White was about to find out from her doctor that she had STDs and that she contracted them from Carrey, the actor attempted to suggest to her that she got the diseases from someone else, Avenatti says.

Concerned about the fallout that could occur once she found out her test results, Carrey tried to end their relationship and on Feb, 21, 2013, texted to White, “You have become too much drama,” Avenatti says.

–City News Service 

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