Alec Baldwin. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Alec Baldwin. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

“30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin took an election season gig at “Saturday Night Live” playing Donald Trump. Now his fans are wondering if he’ll do his scrunch-mouth thing for four more years.

USA Today asked the question on many minds.

“We know who’s going to be playing the role of president for the next four years: Donald Trump. Now on to the truly important issue: who’s going to play him on Saturday Night Live?

“Lorne Michaels raised some eyebrows over the summer when he announced that former 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin would supplant Darrell Hammond as the business mogul-turned-politician (though Hammond reprised his ’90s role as Bill Clinton in an anticipation of a Hillary Clinton win).”

The show declined to comment, the paper said. But that didn’t stop others from opining.

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