It was the “Oh!” heard ’round the world — or at least in 2020 presidential handicapping circles. Oprah Winfrey appears open to seeking the White House.

Oprah Winfrey on Bloomberg TV. Photo via
That’s how media outlets including The Washington Post are interpreting a recent interview with Bloomberg TV’s David Rubenstein.

“The businessman and big-time philanthropist asked Winfrey, you know, one billionaire to another, what her plans were for 2020,” said the Post. “For her part, Winfrey, who has been in the TV business for nearly 40 years, paused for dramatic effect.”

“I never considered the question even a possibility,” she said, before adding, “I just thought, ‘Oh … oh?’ ”

Rubenstein noted that “it’s clear you don’t need government experience to be elected president of the United States.”

“That’s what I thought,” Winfrey said. “I thought, ‘Oh, gee, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough.’ And now I’m thinking, ‘Oh.’ ”

Early reaction and commentary on #Oprah2020:

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