Arnold Schwarzenegger. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Arnold Schwarzenegger. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

What to call the former Governator if he ran for U.S. Senate? The Senatator?

Politico on Thursday broke the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger might seek Dianne Feinstein seat’s in 2018.

“The prospect of Schwarzenegger’s return to elected politics in a 2018 U.S. Senate run — possibly as an independent — is generating increasing buzz in state Republican circles, fueled by the former governor’s seeming ability to get under the skin of President Donald Trump on social media,” Politico said.

Feinstein will be 85, Newsweek noted, “and it’s unclear whether she will seek another term. The San Francisco Chronicle did report that she sent out invitations for a ‘Feinstein for Senate 2018’ campaign kickoff for later this month.”

Newsweek said Schwarzenegger, 69, would be geographically closer to Trump.

“The two have taunted each other in speeches and on social media. After Trump mocked Schwarzenegger’s Apprentice ratings and called on guests at the National Prayer Breakfast in February to pray for the Governator, the action movie star fired back, suggesting they switch roles.”

“You take over TV—because you’re such an expert in ratings—and I take over your job, then people can finally sleep comfortably again,” he said on Twitter. Trump formerly hosted the show.

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