Kendall Jenner hands a Pepsi can to a cop patrolling a protest, and the TV spot instantly blows up. Pepsi pulled the ad after less than a day and apologized.

Kendall Jenner in Pepsi ad. Image via
“A variety of people (from Lena Dunham to Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter) [weighed] in to call it tone-deaf (or worse), and outlets including the New York Times [covered] the controversy,” People magazine noted.

“Pepsi initially defended the spot, calling it ‘an important message to convey,’ but after furor didn’t die down, they decided to pull the ad altogether.”

In a statement, the beverage company said: “Pepsi was trying to project a global a message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are pulling the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”

A selection of reactions to the commercial:

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