Bill Cosby arrives with his wife Camille for the sixth day of his sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Photo by Brendan McDermid via Reuters

CNN found a Bill Cosby juror who spilled the beans on what happened in the 52 hours of deliberations that ended in a mistrial.

The alleged victim, Andrea Constand, was assaulted, jurors believed. So why not a conviction?

The unnamed male juror said it was because of an assault on the English language — confusion over the technical meanings of the charges.

“They were legally written with a lot of different words than what was said out in the courtroom, and it caused the jurors to keep going back to the judge looking where these words were like ‘reckless’ and ‘unconscious’ and ‘severely impaired’ and ‘unreasonable doubt,’” the juror told CNN.

“Now we had out there reasonable doubt, but not unreasonable doubt. What is unreasonable doubt? We spent a lot of time trying to figure these words out that were in these charges, which made them so much more severe than what all the testimony, or I heard closing arguments was. We never heard those words, and that’s where the problem was.”

The spent a whole day on “reckless” alone, the juror said.

“Just, you couldn’t convict him on the wording of the charges. And that’s where we argued back and forth. What meant one thing to one person and something to another, and after they slept on it they changed their minds.”

The upshot for another trial?

“If they handle the case the same way they did this, and there’s no new evidence… and it’ll probably be another year or two until they can get this thing up. It’d be a waste of money,” he said.

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