got it all wrong with its headline about Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe rushing to the aid of a mugging victim.

“10 points for Gryffindor: Danielle Radcliffe aids wounded robbery victim,” said the story.

Despite the common phrasing, the soon to be 28 Radcliffe deserves at least 20 points for helping the knifing victim.

Ironically, when potion master Severus Snape said “10 points for Gryffindor,” it meant 10 points deducted from his house, competing with three others for the annual House Cup at Hogwarts.

In any case, reported: “The Harry Potter actor was in the Chelsea neighbourhood of London when two men riding a moped targeted a tourist, stole his Louis Vuitton bag and slashed him in the face with a knife before riding off, and Daniel was among those who rushed to help.”

told London’s Evening Standard how he returned to the scene after shunting the thieves’ moped with his car to discover there was a famous face among the crowd.

“It was a bit of the surreal moment, I said ‘you’re Daniel Radcliffe’ and the 27-year-old replied ‘I am,’” David Videcette told London’s Evening Standard. “He was a really nice bloke, a lot of stars wouldn’t have stopped to help… The victim was very, very shaken up.”

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