Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer in scene from “Snatched.” Image via

Amy Schumer says she works her butt off and deserved the better pay she demanded (and got) from Netflix. She also works her bra off.

But she won’t get the reported $20 million deals afforded fellow comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle for stand-up specials.

No matter.

The “Snatched” actress snatched attention to her gender equity cause on Instagram.

“Hot dog dog,” Schumer wrote on Instagram while she standing topless in a kitchen with a plush hot dog in her arms. “Thanks for chiming in on what you feel I deserve to be paid. I believe women deserve equal pay. However I don’t believe I deserve equal pay to Chris and Dave. They are legends and 2 of the greatest comics of all time.”

E Online expanded: “Forbes reported that Schumer is No. 5 on its annual list of highest-paid comedians, with an estimated annual income of $37.5 million, trailing behind Chappelle ($47 million), Louis C.K. ($52 million), Rock ($57 million) and Jerry Seinfeld ($69 million). She is the first woman to make the list, for the second consecutive year.”

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