Emily Blunt said Sunday evening she loved working with her husband on “A Quiet Place,” which garnered her a Screen Actors Guild Award for her supporting role, and said she might also try directing “some day.”

John Krasinski directed and starred alongside Blunt in the suspense-thriller, about a family that lives in nearly complete silence in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by creatures that attack when the victim makes a sound.

“My favorite thing about shooting `(A) Quiet Place’ was for sure working with John,” Blunt said backstage at the Shrine Auditorium. “A lot of people were like, `you’re gonna be divorced by the end of it.’

“The discovery of how well we collaborate … was just so special,” the British actress said.

She wasn’t sure just how Krasinski felt about what she called an “unexpected” win.

” I think he was just as shocked as I was,” Blunt said. “I’m also completely blind without my glasses so his face was a bit of a blur to me.”

Blunt, who was also nominated for her starring role in “Mary Poppins Returns,” is a first-time SAG Awards winner.

Asked what she’s learned since she first got her Screen Actors Guild union card, Blunt said acting is about experiencing life.

“The main thing I’ve learned over the years is you have to be open … almost don’t watch too many movies, get out there and experience life because you’re going to use it one day,” Blunt said she’d tell an aspiring actor.

She said working on a horror film is more technical than audiences might expect and she “didn’t necessarily find it as frightening as the audience.”

But a birth sequence in the film was “a beast” emotionally, she told reporters. “It still makes my mother cry, she doesn’t like watching that scene.”

She said watching Krasinski direct was eye-opening.

“I’ve seen now behind closed doors just what it costs you,” Blunt said, but she didn’t rule out following him behind the camera.

“Maybe one day,” she mused.

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